Telephone 24/7: 866.FIXEDIT (349.3348)
Local Call: 903-786-2507
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Our Standard Services are provided during normal business hours.
However, we offer 24-hour Emergency Service when your systems don't. Routine Maintenance is scheduled at a convenient time.

Call Toll-free: 1-866-349-3348Hosted Solutions - Save Money and become more productive virtually overnight.

These days when everything is going to a subscription-based License, we can provide cost-effective Hosted PBX with Unified Messaging, Hosted Microsoft Exchange for Shared Calenders, Contacts and Files all from an Industry Leader and a trusted source at a price that won't break your budget.

Business Phone Systems

Whether Hosted or On-Premise, Copper Lines, SiP or VoIP we have the needed experience and expertise.

Sales, Service, and Maintenance of all major manufacture's systems.


From two PCs in a small home or business, to a multi-location server-based network. Firewall protection, HIPPA compliant networks & policies, Managed Anti-Virus solutions, Wireless & Wired Networks, Local & Campus Networking, VPN / Telecommuting.

Computer Support Contracts

We offer computer support services for your enterprise servers and workstations, routers, network switches and hubs.

Cabling & Certification

CAT-3 for voice systems, CAT-5e and CAT-6 cabling for data. Fiber, riser and plenum